A Healthy Guide of Vegetables For Your Hamster(2021)

It may be some kind of shared childhood memory that our parents kept stressing how important eating vegetables is but we still refused to do so. Since many pet owners see the fluffy as their child, as a responsible parent, they also want to feed their “kid” with some healthy vegetables.

For hamsters, vegetables are the main source of all kinds of vitamins, but the amount of vegetables they need is rather limited. Therefore, usually, commercial hamster food which contains ingredients of dried vegetables can fully meet their need. If you still insist on offering them some extra vegetables, go on reading and make sure you give him the right vegetables.

can hamsters eat vegetables

Can hamsters eat carrots?

Yes, but just a little.

can hamsters eat carrots

Raw carrots are rich in sugar, so too much carrot may contribute to diabetes. Your fluffy needs a small piece of carrot no larger than your fingernail to benefit his molar while taking in carotene. Turnip, as well as a cruciferous plant, can be a good supplement without that much sugar.

Can hamsters eat tomatoes?

Yes, but there is no specific advantage for hamsters to have tomatoes.

Can hamsters eat tomatoes?

Since tomatoes are rich in water, they may lead to dangerous diarrhea. Some scientific researches pointed out that tomato plants may be poisonous to some specific hamster species with special genes but the mechanism is still vague. Therefore, in the case of security, I suggest you feed some other vegetables instead.

Can hamsters eat lettuce?


This is a lettuce picture.

Lettuce is rich in vitamin and dietary fiber, which both benefit his physical health. But you should always be careful about the amount because 99% of the total weight in lettuce is consists of water, which may lead to diarrhea.

Can hamsters eat cucumbers?


people cutting cucumbers

Cucumbers not only contain vitamin and dietary fiber but also benefits hamsters’ molar because it is hard. Chop the cucumber into really fine slices and it will because of good treatment choice for hamsters.

Can hamsters eat spinach?


A bowl with spinach

Spinach is rich in oxalic acid, which is too stimulating to a hamster and may arouse gallstones because hamsters are not an active water drinker. The main advantage of spinach lies in the chlorophyll, but there are all kinds of substitutes, so there is totally no need to feed your fluffy spinach.

Can hamsters eat potatoes?


there are some potatoes

Raw potatoes are poisonous to hamsters. You may consider feeding some boiled ones, but always be careful. You must pick fresh, fine potatoes without any discoloration, rotting or germination, cut it into small pieces and boil them with pure water to make sure you fully get rid of the poison.

Can hamsters eat green beans?

Yes, but a little.

there are some green beans

Green beans are rich in starch, which may contribute to diabetes. All the beans have a common disadvantage that they will lead to serious flatulence. Since the digesting system of a hamster is rather fragile, my suggestion is to avoid bean plants.

Can hamsters eat arugula?

Theoretically no

hamster can not eat arugula

I guess your fluffy would refuse to eat arugula himself. Along with spinach, I have mentioned above, arugula contains too much stimulating oxalic acid. Other than the poor nutrition, arugula has a strong bitter taste, which is extremely unpleasant for hamsters. After all, every hamster is a sweet tooth. 

Can hamsters eat cabbage?


hamster can eat cabbage

In the regions where modern pet hamsters come from, which indicate mostly north-east Asia, cabbages are wildly planted and on the menu of wild hamsters. Therefore, hamsters definitely can have some cabbages.

Can hamsters eat kale?


man hold a kale

But I guess your fluffy may refuse it too because it is bitter.

Kale contains omega-3 fat, which is effective in anti-inflammatory while comparing with other green, leafy vegetables like spinach and arugula, kale contains limited oxalic acid. Instead, it is rich in folic acid, which is less stimulating and beneficial in growth and development. Therefore, if your fluffy does not refuse the strange taste, he can have some kale.

Can hamsters eat corn?


can hamster eats corn?

Corns are on the menu of wild hamsters and commercial hamster food also contains corn. You can choose to boil or not boil them with pure water, while nutrition does not show significant differences. 

Can hamsters eat cilantro?


hamster should not eat cilantro.

Cilantro has a strong, characteristic smell. For hamsters with the extremely sensitive smell, cilantro is way much too stimulating for them. It will only bring burden and cause horror for your fluffy rather than nutrition supplement.

Can hamsters eat celery?


You can feed your hamster celery

Celery is rich in dietary fiber which benefits little hamsters’ digesting system a lot. The rough fiber is also good for their molar.


Fresh vegetables are a healthy treat as an extra supplement of vitamin, which is relatively rare to find in dried commercial hamster food. There are many wise choices above and I hope your fluffy enjoys his healthy mealtime.

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