Can Hamster Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Good For Hamsters?

Firstly, I will give you my answer, YES and NO. You may be a little confused, so keep on reading.

If you google the question, you will surprisingly find many similar questions, including hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, raw eggs, and even egg Benedict. Understandably, every new pet owner would be interested in sharing human food with your fluffy, especially when your hamster shows great interest in your food.

Therefore, in this article, I will fully the type and the number of eggs a hamster can and cannot eat.

can hamster eat egg

What egg dishes can hamster eat?

1. Raw eggs


Hamsters are known to be omnivorous animals in the wild, which indicates they would say everything they can find. The hamster stomach’s scientific anatomy has revealed that bird eggs are definitely one perfect supplement of protein for those in the wild. Thus, hamsters can have raw eggs.

For egg choice, I would suggest sterile eggs in case of possible germs and parasites, which may be lethal for poor fluffy.

2. Soft/Hard-boiled eggs


Hard-boiled eggs are simply boiled with pure water, which means they are just a solid version of eggs without any extra ingredients. In the boiling process, the protein will denaturize and because even more digestive. Therefore, soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs are both ok for our hamsters.

Since the importance of eggs lies in its rich protein, I suggest you do not boil it more than 15 minutes, or there will be an obvious loss in protein.

egg for hamsters

3.Deviled egg


Mustard is way much to stimulating for hamsters, and mayonnaise contains too much fat. Eating flavored food will also make your hamster picky on food and even refuse to eat their main food, mainly healthy nuts, and plant seeds, but with a plain flavor.

4.Scrambled eggs/Omelette/Tortilla


Butter and cream contain too much fat, which would be an extra burden for their liver.

5.Fried egg

Over easy, maybe ok, but mostly it is a No.

If you cook the egg with oil from plant seed like sunflower and peanut and cook it very lightly, you can offer a little bit to your hamster. But just a little bit, too much oil will lead to diarrhea.

6. Poached egg


If you boil your egg in water, its nutrition does not differ with boiled eggs. The difference lies in taste for us human beings, but I am sure your fluffy will not be picky about that.

If you boil your egg in any liquid other than water, like chicken soup, you should not offer it to your hamster because it is flavored. Too much salt would be a burden for their kidney.

7. Egg Benedict


Muffin, ham, and hollandaise sauce are all the last things a hamster should eat because they are rich in salt, sugar and fat.

some eggs

What part of the egg can hamsters eat?

1. Yolk


As we all know, hamsters have cheek pouches on both sides of their mouth so that they can store food. Though for pet hamsters, they do not often use the cheek pouches because they are offered unlimited food, but the yolk is too sticky to get though the cheek pouches. The yolk is very likely to stick in the cheek pouch, which will result in bad breath and even oral inflammation.

There is also another reason that yolk is rich in cholesterol, which contributes to all kinds of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. The yolk also contains riboflavin, a pigment makes the yolk yellow, and as is well known, any kind of pigment will create an extra burden for the hamster’s kidney.

Since the egg itself is kind of unnecessary for our hamster, we can give up the yolk part.

An interesting fact is that your hamster may refuse to eat the yolk himself, especially boiled ones.

This is because the organic materials will release their sulfur element during boiling, and sulfur really stinks. Since hamsters are blessed with the sensitive capability of smell, the chances are that they will refuse to eat it.

2. Egg white


Egg white is smooth for hamsters to swallow compared with the yolk. It is also an idealized protein supplement that the daily main hamster food usually does not contain much. Protein in eggs, especially boiled ones, is rather digestive.

Thus, you can offer egg white for your fluffy.

gold hamster

How much egg can a hamster eat?

The egg cannot replace a hamster’s main food under any circumstances. If your hamster shows exceedingly interest in eggs, feed him no more than 5 grams a day and you may use it as a treat.


Though offering human pet food is not recommended, some boiled eggs without flavor are still acceptable, but do not give him too much. Hamsters never need that much protein. I hope your fluffy enjoy his egg!

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