3 Things Pregnant Women Should Know Before Raising Hamster

Some owners asked me that if they can keep raising hamsters when they are pregnant?


My suggestion is to go and ask your doctor to check your current situation is suitable for raising the hamster or not. Because we don’t know your history, what you are allergic to, how your pregnancy is progressing and so on.

If you are qualified to raise a hamster, below steps you need to know before starting raise a hamster.

  • Firstly, please make sure your hamster is adopted or bought from a clean environment.

E.g., hamster forums or official pet shops. If your hamster is from somewhere you don’t know, and please take your hamster to vet to check if they have infected by some bacteria or disease.

  • Secondly, during pregnancy, you should go to the hospital to have an examination regularly, especially for the Toxoplasma gondii examination. If the result is negative, that’s good.
  • Thirdly, touching the faces is the main way to get infected Toxoplasmosis.

So please pass the cleaning work to your husband or other people you trusted. For example, work like cleaning the cage or cleaning the excrement of your hamster. Please wear gloves to avoid contact with the hamster’s excrement directly. Wash hand in time and keep your hamster in a ventilated environment.

In Summary, doing above three points well, you and your baby won’t get any harm when living together with hamsters. Some friendly tips: please eat fresh food as much as possible. Cold food may easily get infected by all kinds of bacteria, which is harmful to the mother’s health.

Lastly, please don’t abandon your hamster during pregnancy. If you want to give it away, please find someone who can take good care of it.

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