Choose A Hamster Name: Great Ideas For You

Why give the hamster a name

Choosing a hamster is not an easy job, so does choose his name! A right hamster name is vital as the hammy is unique to you.
While sharing your lovely hammy with your friend, a name is a must as you don’t want your friend just to call ‘it’ which feels dull and blunt. What’s more, giving your hamster a name will trigger your love and create a strong bond between you and your little friend.


Hamster naming skills

When it comes to naming your hamster, you may feel that there are so many choices and hard to make a decision.
Here are some tips you need to know before naming your hamster:

  • There are no rules and regulations for naming your hamster. You can call it whatever you want.
  • We suggest the hamster name should be short. Recommend one or two syllables. That would be easy to remember for you and your friend.
  • Stick with the name you choose. It’s hard for a hamster to recognize his name in a short time. But we can try to interact with it to let them ‘learn’ to know their own name.
  • Calling your hamster’s name whenever you are giving him some snacks. Day by day, your hamster will begin to associate the tasty food with his name. He will realize that when calling his name equals something yummy—then running to find you.

Below are some ways to help you to choose a hamster’s name. I hope it can bring you some inspiration. Let’s begin!

Hamster names from favorite food

Try looking at the food that your hamster loves.
If your hamster loves eating melon, you can name your hamster ‘Melon’.

Mochi Jelly Mochi Oreo Toffee
Lemon Cupcake Peanut Pumpkin Wonton
Muffin Brownie Taco Nacho Butters

Hamster names from the color

There is also a simple way to name your hamster. That’s naming your hamster based on their color. For example, your hamster is in-plane white; snowy is a perfect name for her.

Brown Chestnut Chocolate Fawn Belge
Grizzle Wheaten Sable Orange Apricot
Lemon Platinum Cream Gray Sandy

Choose a Name That Reflects His Behavior

Another way to choose a name that reflects the hamster’s feature is also very good.
If your little friend is furry, you may call her/him ‘Fluffy’.

Panda Foo Warrior Stubbs Rex
Truffle Thor Hammie Bingo Copper
Rocco Pixie Fluffy Lady Sandy

Let the hamster choose his name

Different from others above way, you can let your hamster choose his own name.

For instance, first, you need to draw a circle on the paper. The circle must be big enough. Recommend diameter 15cm.

Then write down several names you love on the circle – like a slice of boiled chicken, a piece of carrot, or some dried fish.

Make sure the names are evenly spaced out. Put some snacks next to the name, which will treat your hamster to select the name.

Now let’s wait for this exciting moment! Put your hamster in the middle of the circle and wait for his decision

Zippy Elsa Sully Jasmine Aurora
Jade Ditto Gaston Houdini Jojo
Rayman Twila Snowball Luigi Lulu


What’s your hamster name? How do you name it? What inspires you? Let’s share and give our hamster beginner some thought 😉

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