4 Reasons Why Hamster Smell Bad: 5 Ways To Solve It

When you read this article, the chances are that you are suffering the horrible smell of your fluffy. To rescue you from the “chemical weapon,” in this article, I will explain why your hamster smells and how to alleviate the disgusting smell to rescue you from the “chemical weapon.

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4 Reasons Make Your Hamster Smell So Bad

Usually, several reasons cause a terrible smell.

  1. Urine

The major smell mainly origins from the urine of our hamster. Usually, the urine of male hamsters smells worse, because, in the wild, the hamsters use their urine to mark their own territory. But if the urine smells unusually bad, be alert that your fluffy is inflamed.

However, there is no need for you to worry too much because it is quite usual for a rodent. If he still behaves normally, then it is no big deal, other than the terrible smell.

  1. Feces

The second reason contributing to the smell is the feces. We need to pay extra attention to feces because under normal circumstances, a healthy hamster’s feces do not release much smell. Once it smells extremely bad, turns soft, or even becomes liquid without solid components, and its color turns white.

You need to be very careful that if your fluffy is suffering from proliferative ileitis, which is definitely lethal for hamsters.

  1. Cheek pouch
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Another reason leading to lousy smell is their cheek pouch. Usually, it is the oral cavity inflammation that causes the odor. However, we often ignore that hamsters love to store food in their cheek pouch, and the food can quickly go bad in their mouth, so it does not have to be inflammation.

  1. Human causes

Other than the causes of our fluffy himself, there are also external excuses. Maybe the smell itself is limited, but no cage cleaning will accumulate the bad smell in the cage for a long time. The cage cleaning also has to be exceedingly thorough and careful, because hamsters have the instinct of digging the bedding and hide food in the holes. Once the food goes bad, it will stink seriously.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Hamster Smell Better

In fact, the solutions are quite simple. You just need to do a little more extra work in your daily routines for your fluffy.

  1. Clean the cage
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First and most important, always clean the cage thoroughly. Cleaning the cage is not only the most effective and fast method to erase the disgusting smell, but also an important opportunity for you to carefully observe your fluffy’s living state so that you can analyze the real reason of the bad smell. Once you spot the root cause, you will be able to make corresponding improvements.

  1. Solutions on urine

If the urine smells unusually bad, you may consider measures to alleviate the possible inflammation. You should cool down the temperature and slightly change the proportion of his food. Increase the amount of juicy food properly, but strictly control the amount of sugar he takes in.

If the situation fails to improve in half a month, you may have to consider the possibility of nephritis and take him to a vet for proper inspection.

In fact, nephritis is always because of bacterial infection, which can be avoided mainly by cleaning the cage frequently, so I have to address the importance of cage cleaning here again.

  1. Be careful of the feces

If his feces smell, you need to observe his behaviors carefully. Once symptoms of proliferative ileitis pop up, including a sudden drop in weight, a wet and dirty tail, and loss of appetite, you need to take him to a vet immediately because the disease can cause death within 48 hours.

But if something terrible happens, you do not need to blame yourself too much, because it is the environmental pressure that triggers the disease, rather than your mistake in caring, and till now this disease cannot be fully prevented.

Therefore, always keeping an eye on the feces’ state and taking him to the hospital in time is very important to guarantee your hamster’s welfare.

  1. Clean the cheek pouch
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If the smell simply comes from his cheek pouch, we should use cotton swabs dipped with normal saline to clean their oral cavity. Meanwhile, we should slightly reduce the amount of food we offer our hamsters so that they won’t have extra food to hide.

  1. Washing does no good to the smell or your hamster

Keep in mind that never wash your hamster with water. Wet fur will lead to cold, and our hamster may die of getting cold. If your fluffy does not clean himself often,you may mix the beddings in the cage with some bath sand.

Cat litter is also a good option because it can also absorb the bad smell. For the material of the beddings, I recommend wood pieces. Newspaper or tissues are not appropriate because they have poor permeability.


I am sure you already know how to improve your hamster’s smell after reading this article. I hope everyone could have a sweet-scented, chubby fluffy.

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