Is A Hamster Right For You? The Pros And Cons Of Raising Hamster

Hamsters have gained tremendous popularity as pets since the end of the last century. The small rodent was first introduced into humans’ lives as lab animals, which were mostly replaced by mice (Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus, known as brown mice and white mice). hamsters nowadays are more likely to be treated as home-kept pets. But are they the right choice for pets? What makes them so popular?

In this article, I will scientifically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a hamster as your pet and introduce the group of people who are suitable for keeping hamsters, to help you decide whether to keep a fluffy in your house.

hamster in hand

3 Reasons Why Hamsters are Great Pets

Under most circumstances, small-sized rodents are seen as the most famous species of pests for most people. As a result, it is not hard to imagine that hamsters have many advantages as pets to overcome cultural prejudice and become a popular pet choice.

  1. Cute appearance

This may sound hilarious, but the truth is the adorable appearance is the key to becoming popular pets.

If you do not have a hamster, just imagine…

Hamsters are small, cute, and fluffy and have many different appearances according to their species. When you give him a stroke on his back or when the weather is very hot, hamsters will keep still and melt into a pancake shape like butter. When they are eating, they will sit on their back feet while holding food within their two tiny front paws.

They will either have food in small bites or store food in their chins to make them look extremely chubby. And I bet that you may have watched all these adorable behaviors on YouTube before, and you may even get curious about keeping a hamster for your own because of these funny videos.

If you own a hamster

If you already have a hamster, it is even much easier to understand the importance of loveliness. I guess we have all experienced some horrible mistakes our hamsters made, like chewing our paper files, biting us, or peeing in inappropriate places. Still, we always easily forgive them and give up anger soon after that. After all, no one can say no to their chubby body, innocent eyes, and clumsy behaviors.

  1. Need less, less needed
hamster with food

There is no doubt that the most popular pets are cats and dogs, but in modern society, many people have trouble keeping a cat or dog for many reasons, including no space in their own space-limited apartment, no spare time for dog walking, etc. Here come our cute hamsters.

Hamsters do not need much space or complicated food

First of all, hamsters do not need much space. A cage with a bottom area of more than 0.45𝑚2 is all he needs. He can eat, sleep, and play all day in his own cage. Besides, food for hamsters can also be relatively simple because they are typical omnivorous animals. Though sharing human food with your fluffy unconditionally is not recommended, but if you are a nut lover yourself and have a good command of feeding knowledge, you will not have to lift a finger to feed your fluffy.

Hamsters are pets for the watch, but they are also interactive

Compared with other common pets, hamsters also have an advantage that they are the most interactive ornamental pets. Typical interactive pets like cats or dogs need a lot of time and care from their owners, while typical ornamental pets like fish or reptiles are not only unacceptable for many people, but also lack of fun in keeping.

Hamsters collect the advantages of both. You can arrange his cage according to your will like arranging a tank when keeping a fish. Meanwhile, you will also be able to give him a stroke and feed him with your hand like cats and dogs.

It is not easy to conclude that, among so many pet options, the hamster is the one kind that does not need much from their owners, but offers them much more fun.

  1. Short longevity
hamster dead

It may sound astonishing that short longevity can be advantageous because, under normal circumstances, pet owners all wish their sweetheart to accompany them longer. However, the truth is, longevity can cause an extra burden. Care for aging animals is rather complicated, and sorrows of loss after their death will also be overwhelming.

Since hamsters can live for only two to three years, their aging period will not last long, and the grief will not be that strong. All your memories about your fluffy will be bright and happy.

Why Are Hamsters Not Good Pets For Someone?

I have to point out that though hamsters have all kinds of advantages to be good pets, there may also be specific reasons that make hamsters not suitable for you. Let’s find out what may stop you from keeping a hamster.

  1. Allergies and virus

Make sure you are not allergic to hamsters. Their fur, feces, and secretions can all lead to allergies. Their fur may also cause respiratory disease.

Besides, similar to their rodent relatives in the wild, they are carriers for many kinds of germs and viruses. The most typical and common one is Yersinia pestis, which can lead to high death rate lung disease and sepsis. Potential risk also lies in the rabies virus, Listeria monocytogenes, etc.

You may contradict that pet hamsters have been kept in an artificial environment for generations to avoid carrying dangerous viruses. But the truth is that hamsters have a strong instinct to escape from their cage, and once they escape into an open environment, there are chances for them to get in contact with these kinds of lethal viruses.

If you are bitten by your fluffy, which is a common scene for hamster owners, you may be affected by the possible microbial they are born with. Thus, I do not recommend hamsters for those who have related health issues.

  1. Noise
hamster in room

Hamsters do not seem to be active creatures, but according to my own experience, they are extremely noisy. Since hamsters tend to sleep in the day and be active at night, many may find trouble sleeping.

Most hamster toys, including running wheels, biting toys, and climbing posts, create a lot of noise. Even when they are simply digging the wood beddings and biting their nuts, there will be continuous noise in the peaceful night.

Therefore, if you are troubled with neurasthenia or similar mental issues, I do not think hamster is a good choice for you.

Is hamster a good present for my kid?

If your kid is not troubled with allergy or health issues, as I have mentioned above, my answer is definitely YES. Hamster is one of the most easy-kept pets. Thus, it is very suitable for our young pet owners, who definitely lack experience in pet keeping.

palm the hamster in hand
  • knowledge and life skills:

In keeping a hamster, our children will learn the knowledge of animals and get curious about the natural environment. Children can also be taught to accomplish the daily routines of looking after the hamster, like changing the beddings and change the water bowl, in which the skills can be applied to look after himself.

  • Understandings of life

Since the life span of hamsters is not very long, and they will learn to cherish time spent with their fluffy without being tortured too cruel by its death. Our kids will face death for the first time in their lives.

Thus they can learn to love and learn to lose. All these knowledge, life skills, feelings about happiness, and sorrow are unreplaceable treasures for our children. The experience will also become an unforgettable memory shared within family members, which is a precious present itself.

Always keep an eye on the safety problems of kids, because hamsters really like to bite.

3 basic conditions necessary for raising hamster

Though hamsters do not need much, there are still some basic conditions to meet.

hamster in pink cage
  1. Enough room

0.45𝑚2 is the bottom line, and any cage smaller than this is abuse for our fluffy.

  1. Physical health

Make sure you are not allergic to hamsters. Those who are troubled with sleeping issues are not suitable for having a hamster.

  1. Patience

Hamsters are not smart creatures like cats or dogs, so they need a lot of patience and tolerance. They always want to escape from their cages, and they always want to bite everything. If you are an irritable person, I would not suggest you keep a hamster.


As a small size pet, hamsters do not need much and are easy to feed. But make sure you are able to meet the basic needs of the fluffy before keeping one yourself. I hope everyone could find their ideal pets!

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