3 Simple Steps You Need To Know About Hamster Sand Bath

What is a sand bath?

When your doggie gets some mud or dust on its fur, you know it’s time for a water bath.
Unlike water bath, some of us might be not familiar with sand bath. Sand baths are necessary for
pets like Chinchillas, so does hamster.
Sand baths are a great way for keeping a hamster clean and fresh. Not only can get your little
friend odor-free, but also can get it to get rid of excess oils. Your hamster will roll and play in the
sand, which will help him to remove the dirt and grease from their fur.
This article listed all you need to know about sand bath. Let’s take a look!


3 Step to sand bath

Step 1: How to choose bath sand?


  1. Ordinary bath sand

Bath sand can be silica sand. This kind of bath sand quite a few brands and is cheap. Most of the brand’s bathtub sands are silica sand. It needs to be considered a beginner level sand. Generally, 1kg can be bought by one dollar. It is bath sand that novices will purchase. Personally, I do not recommend these sand bathrooms, since they will include a good deal of spices, I do not know whether it is dangerous or safe.

  1. Additive sand

Adding type tub sand will add some incense beads particles, it looks good, smells fragrant.Why not suggest it?

Because the hamsters will eat it!

For the safety of hamsters, it is recommended not to purchase them!

  1. Chinchilla Bath Sand

This sand is another good choice for hamster although it’s for Chinchilla. Not like Chinchilla ‘powder’, which will more likely to do your little friend harm than good. This sand is dust free. No risk for hamster’s respiratory health.

When choosing this type of Chinchilla bath sand, it is essential to read reviews to avoid buying the powder instead of bath sand. Powders are more likely to harm your hamster because it’s a Chinchilla dust.

  1. Reptile Sand

Reptile sand is also considerable for hamsters. Please ensure the brand you choose is 100% natural. One thing is vital that do not use DYED SAND. Dyed sand contains many chemical makeups h are deadly to the hamster.

Reptile Sand has two natural colors with no added dyes or chemicals. I’m sure your hamster will love it as the sand feels soft. Your little friend will feel clean all over and no irritants after the bath.

Step 2: How to choose a hamster bathroom?

We listed some criteria for you if you have no clue about choosing a hamster bathroom. The below point could be taken into consideration.

  1. Is the bathroom door wide enough for my hamster to go in and out easily?
  2. Is the space of the bathroom large enough for my hamster to roll around happily?
  3. Does the bathroom easy for you to clean the sand and leaves no residue?
  4. Does the bathroom easy to fall when your hamster get in and get out?

The bathroom in the shape of a wok is very stable construction, as it’s very durable. There is a deeper center in the middle, in which your little friend can enjoy themselves during the bath. Of course, you can choose another shape you like, as long as it can meet the above requirement.

Step 3: How to give a hamster a sand bath

  1. Clean the bathroom thoroughly and make sure it is completely dry before use.
  2. Put appropriate bath sand into the bathroom. If you are not sure how much. You can put about 100g or 8-10 spoonful bath sand.
  3. Place the bathroom in the corner of the cage.

Then your furry friend will start rolling around, cleaning itself in the bathroom. You just need to sit and watch it finish the bath.

  1. Once the hamster finishes its bath. The bathroom should be removed from the cage in case the sand eliminates the odors.


Let’s look a little deeper. Below answer some of the queries you may have about hamster sand baths!

How often can we offer our hamster a bath?

It’s entirely up to you. Some owners like to keep the bathroom in the cage so that their hamsters can clean themselves as many as they want, while some may offer it less frequently.

One important thing is to keep the sand clean in your hamster’s bathroom. Change it when it gets dirty. Dirty sand will not clean a hamster’s body.

Can I water bath my hamster instead of the sand bath?

The answer is no. Water bath hamster is forbidden as their hair is hard to dry out. A water bath may cause your hamster hypothermia, which could be fatal.

Can baby hamster has the sand bath?

Sure, why not. The hamster doesn’t know how to sand bath in the first time. You can spread some sand gently on its back and train to use it patiently.

Can female hamsters have a sand bath when they are having a baby?

Definitely can. Hygiene should be taken more seriously in Pregnancy.

Can female hamsters have a sand bath after delivery?

They only can have a sand bath after giving birth to their child one week later.

Little hamsters’ skin is very tender and delicate. They will be scratched by the sand residue on the mother’s body. Moreover, the sand residue on the mother’s nipple will affect their children’s eating. Sometimes the little hamster will be choked by it.

Can I use finding sand for the hamster to bath?

Of course, you can.

How long can I leave the sand bath in there? Can I put it there for the whole day?

If your hamster doesn’t like sand bath, you can have it twice a day. 10 – 15mis per time. As the weather gets humidity, you can increase the frequency to bath your hamster.

If shower is one of your hamster’s favorite things, that’s great. You can put the bathroom in the cage. It can clean itself whenever it wants.

Will giving hamsters a sand bath prevent fleas?

Yes, it can. Remember to clean the sand and cage to keep the place clean and sanitary.

My hamster pees in its sand bath. What should I do?

You can train your hamster to bath outside the cage. Make it develop the habit to bath in the bathroom and pee in the toilet.

Am I supposed to put the bathroom in the cage all the time?

As long as your hamster doesn’t pee in the sand or eat the sand, the bathroom can keep it in all the time.

What can I do if hamster sleeping in a sand bath?

Hamster has a natural good impression on the sand. They love sleeping in the sand when whether they get hot. It won’t cause any bad to your hamster. Just let them sleep in it.

Have you given your hamster a sand bath before?

Let us know in the comments how it went! Did your hamster enjoy it?

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