The Complete Guide of Fruits For Your Hamster

The answer is mostly a yes, but not all kinds of fruit can be offered to your fluffy. In this article, I will introduce the common fruit a hamster can or cannot eat and briefly explain the reason.

However, the basic rule of feeding your hamster with fruit is the amount is strictly limited. If you are thinking of replacing the commercial hamster food with fresh fruit as your hamster’s daily main food, then all the answers are NO without doubt or any further chance.

Here are the different kinds of fruits

Can hamsters eat bananas?

Yes, but be careful with fresh banana.


As is well known, hamsters use their cheek pouch to store, and since the fresh banana is really sticky, it is very likely to be attached to the cheek pouch during the swallow. Soon the flesh remains will rot and arouse oral cavity inflammation. Therefore, in case of possible disease, I would recommend dried banana slices. However, dried banana is extremely rich in sugar, so controlling the amount is always necessary.

Can hamsters eat apples?


hamster eating apple

Apple contributes to motivating the gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it can promote the digesting ability of your fluffy and stimulate his appetite. The apple also contains an adequate concentration of water, so it is also a good option for water supplement because of its sweet scent and taste. But too much apple may arouse diarrhea and the apple seed must be carefully removed ahead.

Can hamsters eat oranges?


three oranges

The orange is rich in vitamin C, which is relatively rare to be found in hamsters’ main food. However, the orange peel must be removed ahead carefully because the scent is too stimulating to hamsters’ sensitive smelling system. The amount still matters because the citric acid in oranges is highly corrosive to hamsters’ teeth.

Can hamsters eat grapes?


can hamster eat grapes?

Grapes are rich in vitamin and anthocyanin. However, the flesh usually contains too much water and sugar, so you may offer him with grape skin, which is also beneficial to his molar. After all, you do not like the skin part yourself, don’t you? Then offering it to the hamster is both responsible for the environment and your fluffy.

Can hamsters eat blueberries?


hamster can eat blueberries

Blueberries are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and anthocyanin, which benefits the eyesight of your fluffy. However, blueberries can easily cause diarrhea, which may be lethal for hamsters, so my suggestion is that one or two berries every week is totally enough.

Can hamsters eat raisins?

Theoretically yes, but my suggestion is no.


Raisins are highly rich in sugar, which may lead to diabetes, especially for Campbell’s hamsters because their genes are sensitive to the disease. The high concentration of sugar also contributes to tooth decay and losing interest in plain hamster food. Raisins are also sticky and may cling to the cheek pouch. Since there is no obvious difference in nutrition with fresh grapes, I would not suggest you feed raisins.

Can hamsters eat strawberries?


hamster eats strawberry

Strawberries are one of the several kinds of fruit that are on the menu of hamsters even in the wild, so you can offer him the kind of berry audaciously.

Can hamsters eat pineapple?

Yes, but dried pineapple slices are better choices.

there are two hamster eating pineapple

Fresh pineapple contains too much water and may cause diarrhea. Cut the pineapple into really fine pieces and offer your fluffy a little for the first time, because pineapple contains glycosides and tannic acids, and you must make sure that your fluffy is not allergic to these chemical materials.

Can hamsters eat blackberries?



Small berries are perfect food choices even for wild hamsters, so your hamster is free to have some blackberries every week.

Can hamsters eat peas?



Peas are also leguminous plants like soybean, which can always be found in popular commercial hamster food sold in pet stores, so it is safe for hamsters to have some beans. But peas can lead to serious flatulence, so one grain each time is enough.

Can hamsters eat cherries?



Make sure you remove the seed and the stem. Dry the water on the surface after cleaning. A quarter of cherry is enough for a hamster each time.


Above is my advice on feeding hamsters with common fruits we can found according to my knowledge and experience. It is obvious that small berries are relatively safer for hamsters, but do not be frustrated if you do not have access to fresh small berries for your fluffy. After all, they can be absolutely healthy without any fruit.

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